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Five Things You Should Know About Oral Bacteria

Oral BacteriaOral bacteria populate your mouth, sometimes without even you knowing it. If you're not a new-born baby, it means you have them, and if you have them, you also need to manage them. A universal cure does not exist, so they'll always stick with you, but you have to be careful not to let them invade your teeth and gums, as bad things could happen. You can read below some important facts about oral bacteria that you should always keep in mind.

  1. "Them," not "it."
    The term oral bacteria describes more than one microorganism that populates the oral cavity. Streptococci and staphylococci are the some of the most widely known, and also those associated with some of the most serious diseases.
  2. If you don't see them, it doesn't mean you can't feel them.
    While their presence may be considered normal, since everybody has them, oral bacteria are responsible for an important number of diseases. The most important are probably dental caries and periodontitis. Do not ignore their presence just because you can't see them, or it could be too late.
  3. You can't escape them, but you can manage them.
    Oral bacteria will always be in your mouth. But if you stop monitoring them, the consequences can be devastating. You have to constantly manage the oral bacteria community, at least through daily brushing and flossing your teeth. As this is sometimes not enough to prevent periodontal disease, you might also want to try a more effective additional method, such as Perio Protect.
  4. It's not only about teeth and gums.
    One of the most dangerous diseases associated with oral bacteria is periodontitis. And it doesn't only attack your teeth and gums. Complications can occur and links have been drawn to heart disease.
  5. Treatment should be a daily procedure.
    In the case of oral bacteria, their constant presence requires a constant treatment. And taking care of your oral health does not only mean consulting a dentist every few months. It also means a healthy diet, regular brushing and flossing, and sometimes even more.

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