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The Orkos Award


Announcing the Perio Protect Patient Advocate Award

During the 2013 CAREERfusion Annual Meeting in Florida, on January 7th, Perio Protect's representative Tanya Dunlap, PhD awarded four Hygienists with the Patient Advocate Award. This certificate is issued for demonstrated commitment to advocate on behalf of a patients' oral health, especially for the treatment of periodontal disease. The hygienists who received this award are listed below:

- Linda Steeves, RDH
- Jen Kirkham, RDH
- Julie Young, RDH
- Donna Ruley, RDH


Linda Steeves, RDH

Linda Steeves, RDH receiving the Patient Advocate Award


Jen Kirkham, RDH

Jen Kirkham, RDH receiving the Patient Advocate Award


Julie Young, RDH

Julie Young, RDH receiving the Patient Advocate Award

Donna Ruley, RDH

Donna Ruley, RDH receiving the Patient Advocate Award


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