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Top Cures for Gum Disease

Gum disease is more common today than ever before regardless of advancements in tooth cleaning technologies. Part of the reason is the poor diet of the majority of people combined with poor hygiene practices. With these scenarios it is not difficult to conceive that many people can have gum disease and not even know it. Fortunately there are several natural cures which can be applied if the problem has not become too severe. These are some of the top cures for gum disease:

  • Increasing Vitamin C Intake
    This is one of the natural cures for gum disease that has been used for centuries as means to stop gum swelling, bleeding, recession and loosened teeth. It is basically one of the most common cures for gum disease as a high percentage of cases are due to improper vitamin C intake. The best method of getting vitamin C is through natural non-citrus sources such as papaya, cantaloupe, cranberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and potatoes.

  • Increasing Vitamin D Intake
    Studies have shown that vitamin D provides anti-inflammatory effects and reduces the possibility of bleeding gums during brushing and flossing. Natural synthesis of vitamin D occurs when skin is exposed to sunlight during the day. Other sources of vitamin D include mushrooms and yeast that have been treated with UV rays. Of the many cures for gum disease, vitamin D is actually an issue. People who are deficient are usually prone to staying out of the sunlight and having a poor diet.

  • Cleansing with Tea Tree Oil
    The space between teeth and gums can harbor a wide variety of bacteria. These bacteria can cause inflammation in the gums, causing issues with the overall health of the mouth. Tea tree oil cures for gum disease known antibiotic properties that kill bacteria and keep gum lines clean. Tea tree oil is also greatly refreshing in flavor.

  • Treating moderate to severe gum disease can be accomplished with the Perio Protect system. It is a minimally invasive yet highly effective treatment for gum disease that involves creating and using a special dental tray for the patient. A prescription strength cleansing solution is applied with the treatment that kills bacteria, heals the gums and improves overall oral health. More information on the system and other cures for gum disease can be found on this site as well as testimonials and help finding a Dentist at any location based on zip code.

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