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Perio Tray by Perio Protect CloseupIf you are a dental professional or someone who suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis, you understand the need for ongoing treatment of gum disease. While medication for gum disease can be administered in a dental office, this disease can be extremely tough to manage between office visits. Because of this, the Perio Protect® approach was created. It is a patented medication delivery system that uses the Perio Tray® oral medication applicator to deliver medication below the gum line between dental visits.

What is an Oral Medication Applicator?

Think of an oral medication applicator as simply a tray that holds medication below the gums when patients wear. It looks a little like a mouth guard and it make it much easier to manage gum disease outside of the dental office. Perio Protect® is not an alternative to traditional gum disease treatment by your dentist. It’s simply a complement that allows dental professionals to more effectively treat gum disease over time with the Perio Tray®. This oral medication applicator can be used at home by patients who need more long-term disease management.

The Dangers of Not Treating Gum Disease

Gum disease begins when bacteria infects your gum tissue. The infections can also cause bone loss, which potentially can lead to lost teeth as well. There has been significant research surrounding various diseases that may somehow be associated with oral bacteria. A few of these diseases include Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Clots, Strokes, Respiratory Disease, Chronic Inflammation, Preterm and/or Low Birth Weights.

Research shows that the mouth can be a doorway for bacteria to spread to the rest of the body. Bacteria form colonies which are also called biofilms that can cause ulcerations and inflammation of gum tissue. These bacteria typically enter the blood stream through these small ulcers in the gums.

If these bacteria are left unchecked, the small colonies of bacteria can detach and go on to form new colonies and new infections, which can ultimately lead to the deterioration of the bone structure supporting the teeth. Because of the very real danger of gum disease and oral infections, it’s critical that you visit a dentist if you are experiencing any issues that could be tied to this serious disease.

Learn More About Perio Protect® Today

To learn more about how Perio Protect® can help to provide a more complimentary and effective approach to the ongoing management of gum disease, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 877-434-GUMS. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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