Healthy Gums with Oral Bacteria Management

Healthy Gums with Oral Bacteria ManagementEveryone wants healthy teeth and gums, but unfortunately gum disease (also referred to as gingivitis or periodontitis) is a major problem in the our society. With a reported 80% of American adults showing some signs of this disease, it’s critical that dental professionals are able to offer effective treatment as well as ongoing disease management to provide the highest level of care to patients. Thanks to Perio Protect®, dentists can use the Perio Tray® to ensure ongoing medication is provided between visits for superior oral bacteria management.

What is Oral Bacteria Management?

Once someone has gum disease it can be extremely difficult to treat. Many times patients will receive medication during dental visits, but have the disease flare up between visits. For this reason, it’s critical to manage the delivery of oral medication between visits. This practice is often referred to as oral bacteria management.

Gum disease occurs due to the growth of oral bacteria that form colonies called biofilm. The biofilm can ultimately detach from one colony to build even more colonies and infect other areas of the mouth. With Perio Protect®, dentists are able to provide an ongoing oral bacteria management program to more effectively deliver the necessary medication to keep gum disease in check.

How is Perio Protect® Used?

Perio Protect® uses a patented Perio Tray® that allows dental patients to place a small amount of medication in a tray and wear it for just a few minutes each day. While the Perio Tray® is similar to a mouth guard, it uses a proprietary sealing system that helps deliver the medication deep below the gums.

The Perio Protect® oral bacteria management system allows the disease to be treated in a comfortable way at home, and, in some cases, minimizes the need for surgery and antibiotics.

Our Perio Tray® helps to minimize the number of harmful bacteria that can reproduce between dental visits. Research has shown that professional cleanings combined with the Perio Tray® delivery of hydrogen peroxide gel can offer superior results when compared to dental cleanings alone.

Learn More About Oral Bacteria Management Today

Your actual oral bacteria management plan will be determined by a Perio Protect® dentist based on evaluating your individual oral care needs. Should you have questions about the Perio Protect® product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us toll free at 877-434-GUMS, or contact a Perio Protect® dentist in your area.


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