Help for the Sensitivities Associated with Receding Gums

Has your dentist ever mentioned receding gums to you? Gum recession is a shrinking of the gums around the teeth, exposing the roots of teeth. These exposed roots can be highly sensitive and are often symptomatic of the larger problem of bone loss. When bone support for your teeth is compromised, not only does the bone break down, but also the gum tissue breaks down. At Perio Protect, we take bone and gum health seriously and want to help prevent and protect bone loss or receding gums from ever happening!

The Correlation of Gum Disease and Receding Gums

One of the top reasons that patients have gum recession is gum disease. Bacterial infections associated with gingivitis and periodontitis attack gum and bone tissue. In the early stages the gum tissue becomes infected and the space between the teeth and gums get deeper, harboring more bacteria. In its more serious forms, the infections spread and the bone will break down and cause the gums to recede. In the most severe cases, teeth become loose because the bone support is so compromised.

To clear the infections and save the teeth, professional dental care is needed. Dentist often prescribe Perio Trays from Perio Protect to give patients the best homecare between dental visits.

Perio Protect

To have a Perio Tray custom fabricated for your mouth, your dentist will take measurement and make a mold of your mouth. The dental laboratory will then use this mold and measurements to create the perfect tray for your mouth. The medication is applied into the tray and you wear the tray for just 10-15 minutes at a time in the comfort of your own home. The tray will deliver the medication deep between the teeth and gums, fighting the infections that are too deep for tooth brush, rinse or floss to reach. This daily application fights bacterial infections and helps your gums to heal. This treatment method is noninvasive, is comfortable, and can be done easily within the comfort of your own home.

Want to know more about The Perio Tray® and how it promotes gum health? Contact our staff at Perio Protect by calling 1.877.434.GUMS (4867) and ask your dental professional today how you can start with prescription Perio Trays.


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