At Home Gum Disease Remedy

Home Gum Disease Treatment with Perio TraySince its founding in 2005, Perio Protect has advanced dental practice with a minimally invasive treatment for gum disease. Using a comfortable tray with a patented sealing system to place medication deep below the gums, Perio Protect had made periodontal disease treatment less painful and easier for patients.

Patients trying to manage gum disease at home with a toothbrush or floss often still struggle because toothbrushes, rinses, and floss just can’t get deep enough to clean the areas below the gums. The Perio Tray is uniquely designed to place medication deep in the gumline.

The innovative Perio Tray® from Perio Protect is so easy to use it allows gum disease treatments right at home, and when patients apply medication on a daily basis, they can often reduce the time needed in the dental office. The treatment is effective, convenient, and it saves time.

Benefits of Perio Protect Trays

Perio Tray therapy gives patients and dental professionals several advantages. It is under the supervision of the treating dentist but used in the comfort of the patients’ own home. Each Perio Tray is custom made for each patient to fit comfortably and work effectively. Because trays are used every day, Perio Protect provides lasting relief for patients with the disease, decreasing the bacteria causing infections, reducing gingival bleeding and inflammation, and reducing pockets between teeth and gum tissue where bacteria hide

Patients who use the Perio Tray have also noted having whiter teeth and fresher breath, both “positive side effects” that any patient with gum disease could enjoy.

Making Dental Visits Easier for Patients with Gum Disease

Patients who better manage the disease at home, between office visits, will have better results and easier dental appointments. With gum disease, inflammation is the primary cause of tender, bleeding or swollen gums. When you manage the bacteria better with Perio Tray delivery of medication, you manage the inflammation better so your gums are healthier and less sensitive. This makes dental appointments more comfortable, shorter, and less frequent. Consider Perio Protect for your gum disease treatment plan and reap the benefits of this minimally invasive gum disease technology. For more information about the Perio Protect Perio Tray, visit a local Perio Protect provider near you and find out whether Perio Protect is the right gum disease treatment for you.


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