Maintenance Therapy for Gum Disease

Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy visiting the dentist? Well, as you can imagine, you’re not the only one. However, if you are currently dealing with gum disease, avoiding the dentist is simply not an option. Chances are, you’ve been visiting the dentist more frequently than you'd like in order to maintain your periodontal health.

At Perio Protect, we believe that improving home care with the Perio Tray® can make your regular dental visits more productive and even enjoyable. Why? The Perio Tray comfortably delivers medication deep below your gums to fight infections. When you address the infections, the gum tissue heals. Continued use maintains long-term health and makes future appointments easier. Using the Perio Trays on a daily basis, for just 10-15 minutes, may even reduce the frequency with which you need to visit your dentist. .

At Home Maintenance Therapy

Once your dentist fits you for the Perio Tray, you’ll be able to better manage your oral health at home. This customized tray will mold perfectly to your teeth and will help ensure that gum disease medication reaches very deep below the gums. It is nearly impossible for a toothbrush, rinse, or floss to get deep enough. The tray is an easy comfortable tool that can reach the damaging bacteria. Wearing the Perio Tray for just 10-15 minutes per day will help supplement the other effective gum disease treatments that your dentist or hygienist performs in the office. .

Improved Maintenance Therapy Results

Using the Perio Tray can help make the procedures in the dental chair less time-consuming and more comfortable for you. By helping to reduce inflammation and limit infections, the Perio Tray may even help reduce the number of dental maintenance appointments that you need throughout the year.

The Perio Tray never replaces regular dental care. You still have to see the dentist, but you don’t have to dread it anymore. So, if you are looking for a way to fight against your gum disease at home, it’s time for you to ask your dentist if you can try out the Perio Tray. To learn more about this non-invasive, comfortable approach, give us a call today at 1-877-434-GUMS (4867).


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