Managing Periodontitis with the Perio Tray

Periodontitis, the advanced form of gum disease, cannot be reversed. Once you develop this condition, a disease treatment plan is something that you and your dentist should quickly develop. The deep cleaning known as scaling is important and you should get with your dentist on how frequently you may need to follow up with maintenance procedures. Our team at Perio Protect® has a non-surgical treatment option that can help supplement the other treatments that you’re going through. This comfortable treatment option utilizes the Perio Tray, the perfect at-home tool to help ensure that your periodontitis doesn’t progress.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Periodontitis

When dentists prescribe Perio Trays for patients, the dentist or hygienist will take measurements to have a custom Perio Tray designed to fit your mouth. You place medication in the Perio Tray and the tray places the medicine deep under your gums. With short, 10-15 minute increments of wearing time every day at home, this supplemental treatment option can help stop gum tissue destruction. Medication is able to get deep between your gums and teeth to fight the hard-to-reach bacteria head on!. Since periodontitis never goes away, developing a detailed treatment plan that arrests the disease and doesn’t let it get worse is crucial.

Supplement not a Substitute

Scaling, or deep cleaning, is a proven procedure to remove the bacterial communities that cause infections leading to periodontitis. After scaling, patients schedule maintenance visits, every 6-16 weeks depending on the severity of the disease, for the rest of their lives. By also committing to the use of the Perio Tray, the frequency with which you have to schedule maintenance appointments should decrease. Additional scaling procedures should also decrease.

If the Perio Tray is used before scaling, the deep delivery reduces inflammation, which is what causes the pain. In turn, the scaling process becomes much more comfortable. As a supplement, dental professionals are now turning to the Perio Tray to help prevent periodontitis from progressing. It is important to note however, that this at-home treatment option should not be used as a substitute for scaling and other periodontal treatment options. Instead, it is the perfect supplement.

So, whether you have just been diagnosed with periodontitis or have been trying to manage the condition for years, our team at Perio Protect has a non-surgical treatment option that is the perfect supplement to scaling. Talk to your dentists and give the Perio Tray a try! This comfortable treatment option can be performed right at home and only takes a small amount of time each day. To learn more about how the Perio Tray can help manage periodontitis, give us a call today at 1-877-434-GUMS (4867).


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