Perio Tray – Improving Root Planing Results

Perio Tray for Improving Root Planing ResultsNo one wants to be given the diagnosis of gingivitis or periodontitis. Unfortunately, gum diseases affect millions of Americans, and until recently the treatment options were slim. The Perio Tray by Perio Protect is a supplemental treatment option for patients suffering from gum disease. Prior to the introduction of Perio Protect, dentists and dental patients had very little options when it came to the ongoing management of various gum diseases.

Root planing has been one of the more common treatments used by dental professionals to better manage gum disease. In this blog we’ll explain the process of root planing, and also show how in certain circumstances Perio Protect can improve outcomes and make the treatment less time consuming and more effective.

What is Root Planing?

Root planing or deep cleaning is a routine dental procedure used for the preliminary treatment of periodontal disease. The procedure is often done using local anesthesia to allow the dental professional to carefully clean the root surfaces of your teeth, which can be extremely sensitive, it’s critical that local anesthesia is used to reduce discomfort. Root planing helps to remove plaque and calculus that is located deep below the gums along the tooth roots.

One of the downsides of root planing is that while it can be effective, it is not a permanent solution and often requires ongoing maintenance, sometimes as often as every few weeks. The problem is that toothbrushing, flossing and rinsing don’t get deep enough to keep the areas clean and the bacteria grows back. Should root planing not be effective, other options include gum surgery for the most serious of cases.

Why is Gum Disease So Serious?

Most types of periodontal disease are caused by biofilms, often called dental plaque. It is basically a community of bacteria that stick to the teeth around the gumline. If these bacteria are not removed, they can cause inflammation of the gums, and eventually even lead to much more serious teeth problems such as bone loss, tissue infections, abscess formation, tooth loosening and even tooth loss.

Basic Oral Hygiene May Not Be Enough

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, regular brushing, flossing and rinsing coupled with routine dental visits may not be enough. Unfortunately, gum disease can be difficult to manage between appointments, without some type of ongoing treatment.

Non-Invasive Gum Disease Treatment

In conjunction with regular dental visits, Perio Protect enables patients to deliver medication deep under the gums outside of the dental office. Doctors prescribe the patented Perio Tray and patients follow the treatment plan at home to better manage their gum disease. Thanks to our patented and comfortable applicator, medication is able to get deep under the gum line where harmful bacteria, or biofilms are reproducing. The medication then fights the infections. Should you be interested in learning if you’re a good candidate for Perio Protect, feel free to reach out to our team today at 877-434-GUMS to find a Perio Protect provider near you.


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