Periodontal (Gum) Disease Medicine Delivery System

Are you struggling with gum disease and not sure where to turn? Well, first of all, it’s important for you to realize that you are not alone. A study conducted by the CDC found that almost half of all American adults have chronic periodontal disease, and for adults over 65, the rate jumps even higher. These stark statistics show just how many people are struggling with this disease. At Perio Protect, we hope we can help get the word out about available treatment options for patients.

New Treatment Option for Gum Disease

In the past you typically had two main options when it came to gum disease treatment, which included:

  • Root Planing and Scaling – a type of deep cleaning that allows dentists and hygienists to remove plaque and bacteria from the root surface of your tooth, deep below the gum line. This cleaning is important, but unfortunately the problem for patients, and with periodontal disease in general, is that the treatment doesn’t cure the disease. Patients need frequent treatments, sometimes as often as every few weeks.
  • Gum SurgeryIf root planing and scaling is not an option based on the severity of your periodontal disease, gum surgery may be necessary. The surgical techniques also do not provide a cure or long-term solution for ongoing disease management. Patients will still need maintenance care after completing surgeries.

One relatively new treatment method for gum disease comes in the form of the Perio Tray® by Perio Protect. This medicine delivery system works by delivering medication deep under the gums, where bacteria thrive. The medication is delivered using the prescription Perio Tray, a custom-fit mouth piece that offers a minimally invasive way to manage gum disease over time.

If your dentist prescribes Perio Protect, he or she will likely want you to use the Perio Tray several times per day for a short period of time. Once the infection is under better control, you’ll only need to use the system for 10-15 minutes per day. This way you’ll be able to keep your teeth and gums healthy between office visits.

Let 2017 be the Year You Knockout Gum Disease

Gum disease is best managed with regular dental visits and with the help of the Perio Tray by Perio Protect. To learn more about this comfortable, minimally invasive complement to gum disease treatment, reach out to our team today by phone at 877-434-GUMS.


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