Next-Gen DNA Sequencing is now available for Dentistry!

Perio Protect has teamed up with MicroGenDX to bring precise microbial diagnosis of periodontal infections to our Dental community. With the launch of PerioDX, our dentists can now offer their patients the most state-of-the-art microbial diagnostics.


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MicroGenDX is the world's most experienced lab for Microbial Identification using Next Generation DNA Sequencing. Already well established in medicine and research, this accurate technology is now available to the dental profession.

BENEFITS OF NEXT-GEN SEQUENCING VS PCR: PCR is an excellent diagnostic tool for rapid & specific species detection. PCR panels can detect between 8-35 species of microbes. Next-Gen DNA Sequencing is the best option for filling in the gap between rapid PCR detection and identifying all the species present in an infection. MicroGenDX has identified over 6,500 microbes in human samples through Next-Gen Sequencing. Many times identifying dominant microbial species missed by PCR panels.


Saliva or Saliva-Plus Pocket sampling methods: You can choose Saliva, or Saliva-Plus pocket sampling. In addition to saliva, we can process samples from deep in periodontal pockets. This will give you a more comprehensive diagnostic result versus saliva alone. Combine both collection methods in one bio=hazard bag and this will be run as one test.


HOW ARE SAMPLES SUBMITTED? Samples for one or more patients are placed in a provided shipping box, which has a pre-paid FedEx label. Samples can be dropped into any FedEx drop box, or you can call for a FedEx pick-up.

WHEN CAN I EXPECT THE RESULTS? Results are normally available to you in approximately 5 business days.

IS THERE A PERIO PROTECT DISCOUNT? Yes! Use the Code PerioDX74 to receive an 37% discount on ALL OF YOUR KITS.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Click here to go to the MicroGenDX website and set up an account to get the Perio Protect Providers special pricing.

HOW DO I ACCESS MY PATIENTS' RESULTS? Your patients' results will be available in approximately 5 business days on the MicroGenDX Portal.

MicroGenDX Laboratory is the world leader in Next Generation DNA Sequencing in the field of microbial identification. MicroGenDX has processed over 350,000 human samples for thousands of physicians across the country.