Sore Gums Treatment

Sore Gums TreatmentIf you’re dealing with sore gums, it’s important that you take this warning sign seriously. Sore gums can be one of the first symptoms that you may be dealing with gingivitis or periodontitis. Gum disease is a very serious health problem that can be detrimental to your health. The Perio Protect team is on a mission to get the word out about the seriousness of this disease and to help people understand what they can do to treat it as well as prevent it.

Why Do I Have Sore Gums?

The first question to ask yourself when you’re dealing with sore gums, is why you have them in the first place. Sore gums are one of the first signs of early gum disease, but there are many causes of soreness so you want to check with your dentist for a clear answer. If gum disease is the culprit, gums become sore because bacteria have made their way between your teeth and gums, which if left untreated, can lead to major issues such as tooth loss, bad breath, infected and bleeding gums, and receding gums. If you’re dealing with sore gums, it’s critical that you seek help from a dental professional as soon as possible. While you may see the problem as a minor annoyance, if left untreated you could be facing a long-term oral health problem that could require gum surgery.

Other Dangers of Gum Disease

Aside from just the general discomfort of dealing with gingivitis or periodontitis, there are a whole host of severe health problems that have been linked to gum disease. A few of these health issues include:

• Type 2 Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Arterial Inflammation
• Respiratory Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Some Types of Cancer

As you can see these health problems are very real and should not be taken lightly.

How Perio Protect Helps Treat Gum Disease

A relatively new treatment option for periodontal disease is the Perio Tray from Perio Protect. This non-invasive, comfortable treatment relies on a customized tray to ensure medication gets deep between your teeth and gums to fight the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. This gum disease treatment method is done at home between office visits. It helps to limit the outbreak of harmful bacteria between dental visits. If you’d like to more information about Perio Protect, feel free to give us a call today at 877-434-GUMS to learn more.


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