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Duane C. Keller, DMD, FAGD
Fellow Academy of General Dentistry
Leon J Pinsker IAO Man of the Year Award, 1992
IAO Master Senior Instructor
Course Titles:

Kill ‘em Quick, Dead and Often: Periodontal Medicament Carriers and Oral Biofilm Management

     The root of periodontal disease is a biofilm infection, which presents significant treatment challenges. Biofilms have defensive capabilities and can adapt to treatment, making treatment less effective. One approach that offers better biofilm management is the delivery of oxidizing and oxygenating agents deep into periodontal pockets with a periodontal medicament carrier. Research shows statistically significant reductions in bleeding and pocketing when prescription tray delivery is combined with scaling. Case studies explain how doctors incorporate the special delivery into treatment plans.

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Your Office is an Oral Wound Clinic

     Treatment for periodontal disease should address the open wounds beneath the gingiva and their underlying infections. Medical treatment options can be incorporated into dental treatment plans, including oxygen under pressure and locally delivered antimicrobials. Debridement remains necessary, but there are good reasons to supplement the physical removal of biofilms. This course reviews the biofilm cause of infection, latest research data on localized and systemic responses, and treatment plans that address both the biofilm cause and the effects of the disease. Come with questions, leave with answers that help your patients.

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Tom Loughary, DMD
Perio Protect Instructor

A to Z Implementation of Prescription Tray Protocols for Your Office

     An easy, minimally invasive delivery of medication into periodontal pockets with a prescription tray can benefit patients. Research shows that this delivery combined with SRP leads to more significant pocket depth and bleeding reductions than SRP alone. A combination of research and case studies explains how the tray delivery can be implemented and for which patients in your office.

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Alan Friedel, DDS
ADA House of Delegates, 1995-2011
ADA Committee on Elder Care, 2005-06
President, Florida Dental Association, 2005-06
Adjunct Professor, University of Florida, College of Dentistry 1997-2004

Beat Back Biofilm

     Hygiene rooms across the country are filled with struggling maintenance patients who can’t maintain healthy gums. More brushing and flossing are not going to help most of these patients. They need a way to beat back biofilm on a regular basis in pockets >3mm. Prescription periodontal trays can help. The trays have special seals to keep medication from leaking out and the sealing system directs the medication into shallow and deep pockets to address infection. Research shows that patients using the tray delivery at home in short daily intervals had better bleeding and pocketing resolution than patients without the trays. Attend this course to help your patients.

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R. Bruce Cochrane, DDS
Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology
President, Iowa Dental Association, 2013-14

Course Titles:

Prescription Tray Delivery for Referred and Refractory Cases

     Patients who have exhausted conventional therapy options, including surgery, or who refuse surgical intervention are excellent candidates for prescription tray delivery of medication deep into periodontal pockets to help arrest the disease process. The non-invasive delivery of antimicrobials is well accepted by patients and it is effective, proven both in clinical trials and clinical practice. A review of the research and case studies will prepare attendees to provide prescription trays for their routine and toughest cases.

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know : A Paradigm Shift in Conservative Periodontal Treatment

     Prescription tray delivery of medication augments surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment, implant cases, and cases to prevent or treat root caries. Attend this course to learn how the conservative, minimally invasive tray delivery of medication helps address biofilm infections for immediate and long-term improvements in periodontal health. This includes knowing when surgery is necessary and how to maintain surgical gains with long-term pathogen management and improved patient home care. Case studies examples will help illustrate everyday practical applications.

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Donna Ruley, RDH
Executive Director of the KY Dental Hygiene Association
Tanya Dunlap, PhD
Program Development Director and Research Manager, Perio Protect, LLC

The Science and Practice of Periodontal Therapy with Prescription Trays

     Prescription Trays are the most conservative, non-invasive approach to treat periodontal patients with generalized bleeding or pocketing. The tray technology is especially helpful for struggling perio maintenance patients and the dentally anxious who often shun treatment. A presentation of the research and science behind the prescription periodontal trays is complimented by a thorough review of practical usage through case studies.

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Tanya Dunlap, PhD
Program Development Director and Research Manager, Perio Protect, LLC

Peroxides for Oral Biofilm Management

     Patients with periodontal disease often struggle between office visits, and it’s no wonder why; toothbrushes, rinses and floss fall short in pockets deeper than 3mm. Give your patients a more effective option with prescription tray delivery of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel deep into periodontal pockets. Research shows that this delivery combined with SRP leads to more significant pocket depth and bleeding reductions than SRP alone. Attend this presentation to learn the science behind the delivery and its practical implementation.

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Jen Kirkham, RDH
Owner of Subsource, LLC

Turbo-charge Your Hygiene Department

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Janet Press, RDH
Integral Faculty member, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies 1996-2006
Academy of Laser Dentistry Fellowship and Certification, 1995

Risk Management Recare: Hygiene Practice Expansion

     Expand your Hygiene practice model as we explore the vast potential of prescription periodontal trays and laser incorporation. In this program we will discuss “when and why” the patient risk profile necessitates prescription tray delivery and Laser assisted hygiene for treatment and as an essential key element for prevention and optimum risk management re-care. Look into this integrated approach of communication as we take a diagnostic walk in clinical decision making that will expand practice profitability and managed re-care for patient health and stability.

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Karen Siebert, BSDH, MA
State Membership Chair, Illinois Dental Hygiene Association

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