Supplemental Periodontitis Treatment at Home

Home Gum Disease Treatment with Perio TrayIf you suffer from periodontitis, the unfortunate thing is that the disease cannot be reversed. The conditions can however be managed so that tissue destruction doesn’t progress. Your dentist probably already has completed scaling and now has you on a regular maintenance regimen to help manage your periodontitis. This protocol is a necessity but patients can struggle between office visits. At Perio Protect®, we aimed to bridge the gap in periodontitis treatment between dental visits. By utilizing our comfortable product, The Perio Tray, you’ll be able to manage this condition better while you’re at home.

The Basics of The Perio Tray

Your dentist will prescribe and then custom fit you for the Perio Tray to make sure it fits your mouth perfectly. For just 10-15 minutes each day, you’ll wear this tray at home with antimicrobial medication. This tray will help get the medicine deep between your teeth and gums so that the hard to reach bacteria can be addressed. When it comes to periodontitis, management is key. So, take advantage of the Perio Tray to help stop tissue destruction and prevent your condition from getting worse.

The Perfect Supplement to Scaling

There is no doubt that scaling and maintenance therapy is an effective treatment option when you have periodontitis. The question, however, is what should you do at home between visits to keep your gums healthy? Perio Protect has the solution that many dentists have been looking for! By utilizing the Perio Tray, this at-home therapy can help improve the results from dental cleanings. Overtime, using the Perio Tray will help make maintenance appointments a much quicker and more comfortable process for you. This tray therapy reduces inflammation in the gums, which in turn makes the cleanings more comfortable. Lastly, if used regularly, the Perio Tray can decrease the amount of times that you need to go through the scaling process with your dentist.

Finding out that you suffer from periodontitis is not the end of the world. If you have begun the scaling treatments with your dentist, that is a great start. Our team at Perio Protect is ready to help you and your dentist manage this condition between dental visits. Speak with your dentist and commit to utilizing the Perio Tray at home. This supplemental periodontitis treatment will help you manage this disease long into the future! To learn more about this comfortable therapy, give us a call today at 1-877-434-GUMS (4867).


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