Perio Protect

The Doctor Is The Patient: A Perio Protect Success Story from Dr. Suzanne M. Haley, DMD

You can only learn so much about how an engine works from reading a book. If you want to truly understand its inner workings, eventually, you’ll want to take it apart, examine it and put it all back together again.

The same goes for treating gum disease. Sometimes it’s best to learn through treating your own.

That’s how Dr. Suzanne Haley, DMD came to truly understand the process and efficacy of the Perio Protect Method. Sure. She could’ve read several blog posts and whitepapers. But try as we might, facts, figures and anecdotes don’t do it justice.

So this dentist with 25 years in practice submitted molds of her mouth to find out for herself.

Dr. Haley initially heard about Perio Protect through a presentation. But she didn’t just take the product claims at face value and start referring it to her patients. Instead, she started using the Perio Trays® at home.

Right away, she noticed a difference. Previously, she had been experiencing drainage she attributed to her ear implant. That drainage caused a bad taste in her mouth. Within a month of using the trays, the taste that had plagued her for years was gone.

Since then, she has continued using the trays as means of maintaining bacterial balance and whitening her teeth.

Since 2016, she has been wholeheartedly recommending Perio Protect to her patients.

One patient in particular began using the trays while seeing his periodontist. The specialist—who didn’t know about the updated homecare regimen—noticed long-term reductions in periodontal pockets and bleeding on probing.

Another patient asked Dr. Haley, “is it okay if I forget the trays are in?” So, needless to say, compliance has not been an issue.

Many of her patients have also had significant restorative procedures in the form of crowns, bridgework and implants. For them, Perio Protect guards against bacteria and damage to their high-priced oral hardware.

She views it as an insurance policy that keeps patients healthy while keeping their investments relevant to the mouths for which they were originally built. After all, eliminating and, in some cases, reversing deterioration is the whole goal.

Given the wide variety of success stories Dr. Haley has personally and professionally witnessed, it’s no wonder her patients are happy. Perio Protect makes checkups easier. And that keeps her staff happy as well. She’s even arranged for those who work for her to learn about the treatment firsthand.

“I would encourage other offices to offer Perio Protect Trays in their office. They may want to start with a webinar and order them for themselves. That way they can see the difference in their own mouths first.”

-Dr. Suzanne Haley, DMD

Well, we couldn’t ask for a stronger endorsement than that. But we’re most encouraged that it’s fueled by results.

And Dr. Haley doesn’t stop there. As one of her stated goals, she wants each and every one of her patients to learn about the benefits of Perio Protect, so they can experience the difference as well.