A Way to Better Manage Gum Disease

With over 47% of Americans diagnosed with periodontal disease, it’s vital that we, as healthcare professionals, do everything we can to help patients manage their dental health. Finding a way to better manage gum disease is not an easy task. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing remains important for every person, yet often more is required. When bacteria get below the surface of the gums and prompt an infection, damage occurs. Simple brushing will not reach the stubborn bacteria. The truth of the matter is, gum disease is hard to manage. Our Team at Perio Protect has something to help!

Dental Procedures

When a patient is diagnosed with periodontal disease, a dentist will decide which treatment option is best. Unless the disease is so advanced that it requires surgery, dentists will usually start with scaling. This important procedure is often only a temporary solution because the bacteria just grow right back. So maintenance therapy is required and often scaling must be repeated. This is why Perio Protect offers the Perio Tray®. The Perio Tray is used in conjunction with other dental procedures like scaling. It is not meant to be an alternative but rather a supplemental way to slow down the progression of the disease in hopes that surgery can be avoided.

The Perio Tray

The Perio Tray is a unique home care treatment tool that allows patients to continue to fight periodontal infections deep below the gums between their dental appointments. This comfortable procedure can be done every day for 10 to 15 minutes. The Perio Tray is made from a mold of an individual’s mouth. Once the medication is applied onto the tray and put in the mouth, the Perio Tray has a special internal seal that allows the medication to go directly into the pockets between the teeth and the gum tissue. By fighting the bacteria at home, the therapy is consistently helping to prevent the bacteria from spreading, while also allowing the gums to heal.

The Perio Tray should be used with close dental supervision. With regular use, the Perio Tray delivery can help prevent the need for major surgery, but also it can help stretch the amount of time between maintenance procedures. For more information on ways to help manage gum disease and learn more about the Perio Tray, contact Perio Protect today at 1.877.434.GUMS (4867).


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