Do you have Gum Disease?

You are not alone. Millions of Americans have gum disease: gingivitis or periodontitis.

The disease is the body's response to a bacterial infection in your gum tissue. Common symptoms of oral bacterial infections in the gum tissue include:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing
  • Receding gums (teeth appear longer)
  • Obvious plaque, tartar or calculus
  • Spaces developing between your teeth
  • Swollen, red or tender gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Teeth are loose or mobile

Bacterial infections develop when food, bacteria, and tartar are left on the teeth. In the beginning, an infection can develop along the gum line. The bacteria form a community called a “biofilm” that grows downwards into the space or “pocket” that develops between the teeth and gum tissue. This biofilm is protected by a slimy covering produced by the bacteria in the community.

As the aerobic bacteria in the biofilm consume the oxygen in the pocket, the microbiological environment of the pocket is more suitable for dangerous anaerobic (no oxygen) bacteria. Biofilms grow rapidly and need to be managed every day. Brushing, flossing, and regularly scheduled professional cleanings are recommended. But if a biofilm takes root and is left unchecked, biofilms can damage the gums, teeth, and bone. Untreated biofilms may even compromise your health.

The three main strategies for the control of biofilms include placing time-released antibiotics below the gum line, placing oxidative agents below the gum line, and physically scraping the biofilm from the teeth and root surfaces. (JADA, August 2009). Dentists also have new laser options that may be appropriate for some patients. It’s important to talk to your doctor and hygienist about your conditions and treatment options. And it is important to treat the disease if you have it.

Perio Protect® has been a leader in minimally invasive dentistry, as a periodontal (gum) disease treatment, for over ten years with a method that offers patients a gentle, yet effective way to fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. Tens of thousands of dental professionals have attended Perio Protect dental training seminars to learn this approach and the end result is. . . patients win.


What is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect® is a comprehensive method that is customized for individual patients to help manage biofilms

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A Passion to Protect.

Developing the most non-invasive approach to periodontal (gum) disease is a very personal passion.

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Are Oral Bacteria Serious?

Oral bacteria causing infections in gum tissue may threaten more than your teeth and gums.

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Is it right for me?

While your doctor should determine the most appropriate care for your conditions, it is important to manage oral biofilm

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Our Testimonials page shows you what dentists, hygienists, and patients are saying about the Perio Protect Method for treating gum disease.

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Find a Dentist Near You

To find a Dentist near you who has been trained in Perio Protect's minimally invasive periodontal disease treatment methodology

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