Oral hygiene is personal.
So is the story of Perio Protect.

Dr. Duane C. Keller was an accomplished dentist and researcher. So, when his mother came to him with periodontal disease, he treated it with the traditional method—surgery.

And it worked. Dr. Keller successfully remedied the infection with the first treatment. Problem solved, right?

Well, not quite. As with any treatment of gum disease, persistence pays. And when Dr. Keller told his mother that she would have to undergo the next surgical treatment to get to the infection, she informed him that he could keep his surgical instruments to himself.

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When we were ready to start the second surgery, she said, ‘that’s not gonna happen.’

When we were ready to start the second surgery, she said, ‘that’s not gonna happen.’

Dr. Duane Keller
Dentist & Founder of Perio Protect

So, with this particular patient in mind, he got to work on solving a problem encountered by many.

The problem was clear: how can you get medication to infected areas without causing additional pain in the process?

After several iterations, Dr. Keller invented the now patented Perio Tray® as a device that can deliver effective treatment without spilling the medication.

And, perhaps most importantly, he found a way to deliver that treatment in a way that his mother would approve.

From there, Perio Protect has become the leader in delivering non-invasive gum disease treatment for gum disease. Tens of thousands of Perio Trays are shipped from the laboratory in St. Louis to patients around the United States every year.

Chances are, there’s a Perio Protect Provider in your area who can help you treat gum disease in a way that’s healthy, effective and comfortable.