An Insider’s Look at Perio Protect with Dr. Jim McCreight

The connection between oral health the overall health of your body, known as the oral-systemic link, is widely understood by dentists and doctors. But for many patients, this correlation is a relatively new concept.

The mouth is the busiest port of entry into your body, and it is connected to all of the vital organs through the digestive system and the bloodstream. Once pathogens enter this port, it’s up to the body to fight them through its immune response mechanism.

At Perio Protect, we are actively working to stack the deck in favor of the immune system by regulating bacteria at this port of entry. Hydrogen peroxide delivered deep below the gum line is able to stimulate the growth of good bacteria while killing the bad ones.

We’re also enlisting the help of doctors who understand this critical connection between poor gum health and diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

Dr. Jim McCreight is one such doctor. Through his progressive dentistry practice, he is educating patients and putting them in control of not only their oral health but also the health downstream from mouth. Dr. McCreight has earned dental degrees from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, the Navel Dental Center of San Diego and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He is a member American Dental Association, the Colorado Dental Association, the Western Slope Dental Association, Rotary International, and he currently serves as president and fellow in the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics.

Alongside his wife and partner, Dr. Wendy McCreight, he founded his practice, Progressive Dentistry and the McCreight Smile Foundation, supporting victims of domestic violence in Northwest Colorado.

Both Dr. Jim and Dr. Wendy McCreight understand the value that Perio Protect brings to their patients , and Perio Protect is proud to partner with them to improve patient health.

Dr. Jim has been such a strong proponent of Perio Tray® therapy that he is considered a Key Opinion Leader for Perio Protect. So, we decided to dig a little deeper to understand how Perio Protect fits his approach.

Perio Protect: Hey Doc. Can you tell us a little bit about “progressive dentistry” and how it’s different from standard dental care?

Dr. Jim McCreight: Sure! Progressive dentistry is one of the most advanced forms of dentistry. Standard dentistry often fails to deal with oral-systemic issues. Progressive dentistry, on the other hand, incorporates science and research to create a more holistic method of treatment and care.

PP: What do you think is the reason behind oral care not being fully embraced by the general public?

JM: I feel that a lack of education is the biggest reason behind poor dental care. A lot of the patients don’t even know about periodontal disease, let alone know that they suffer from it. About 70% of the patients I have seen have never had a full-mouth charting done. If people were more educated and used home care regiments like Perio Protect, the status of periodontal disease in our country would be completely different.

PP: Are there, in your opinion, any direct relations between oral and systemic health?

JM: People fail to realize how intricately oral and systemic health are linked. Your oral health affects your body health in many ways. Diabetes, heart infections, all of these can be determined by the state your oral health is in.We have a saying in our practice – “The gums are like the check engine light.” If your gums are red, that means that it is likely that something in your body is not working correctly. Oral health problems can also be genetic – just like systemic health problems. It is extremely important to keep both of these in check and to treat your periodontal disease before it gets worse.

PP: How did you find out about Perio Protect?

JM: A colleague of mine in a nearby town was a Certified Perio Protect Provider. One of his clients had posted a review about Perio Protect and “how awesome” it was. Long story short, I hopped on the computer and became a Certified Provider.

PP: What impact has Perio Protect had on your practice and your patients?

JM: Perio Protect has made my customers extremely happy. They really enjoy the convenience of being able to take care of their oral health at home, and a lot of them have recommended Perio Protect and my practice to their friends and family. My hygiene team has also won several Orkos Awards thanks to Perio Protect. On a personal basis, I have used Perio Protect on my own mouth and the results are incredible! The difference is clear for all to see.

PP: Would you recommend Perio Protect to others?

JM: Definitely! Perio Protect has been a blessing for my practice. We have seen a clear reduction in bacteria in patients that use Perio Protect Trays. I would also recommend Perio Protect to dentists and dental hygienists from across the world. Even my dental coach now has the Perio Protect Trays as part of her coaching program. On top of that, my patients love Perio Protect! The ease-of-use and flexibility has them raving about the method.

Thank you, Dr. McCreight. Keep up the great work through your practice and your impressive charitable foundation.