For Men, Perio Protect Certainly Can’t Hurt Your Love Life

Beyond the benefits of whiter teeth and fresher breath, treating gum disease may also enhance romantic pursuits in another crucial area. In fact, we have seen several recent studies suggesting an association between periodontal disease and erectile dysfunction.

For those of us who have been studying the effects of gum disease on the function of the rest of the body, this is not surprising. We know that disease-causing bacteria enter the bloodstream through open wounds in the oral cavity. From there, they have access to the rest of the body’s systems and major organs. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, that includes the prostate, the heart and, yes, restricted blood flow that can lead to impotence.One study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found men as young as their 30’s were three times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction if they also had severe periodontal disease. [1]

This association has been noted by the American Journal of Men’s Health as well. And while citing nine separate studies that have shown a positive correlation, researchers stop short of calling it a strict cause/effect relationship. The underlying symptoms of both afflictions, however, is evident. 

Vascular disease, poor health and diabetes are all related to both gum disease and erectile dysfunction. In an article published by Live Science, authors of a study of the relationship between gum disease and erectile dysfunction note, “The results of the present study provide evidence that periodontal treatment can help to reduce ED.”

While starting a conversation about erectile dysfunction isn’t any easier than starting a conversation about treating gum disease, we encourage men (and women for that matter) to consider the wide-ranging implications of gum disease on the health of rest of your body. And while you’re considering those, consider the highly effective, non-surgical treatment known as The Perio Protect Method.

By combining an aggressive, bacteria-fighting protocol with easy, at-home treatment, Perio Protect is shown to reduce infection in as little as three weeks. Learn more about how the patented Perio Trays® and FDA-cleared Perio Gel work in concert to deliver hydrogen peroxide deep below the gum line, where toothbrushes and floss simply cannot reach.