Get Your Mouth Beach-Ready





Phone charger.

Perio Protect.

Every travel magazine and blog out there offers up their list of summer travel “essentials.” While they may promote the latest gadget or newest inflatable neck pillow, our travel recommendations are much simpler: take a long break from the office and pack only the essentials. But no matter what you have in store for your summer vacation this year, make sure Perio Protect is on your checklist.

We talk a lot around here about the science behind Perio Protect—the proven effects of hydrogen peroxide, the importance of chronic wound care—but the benefits go well beyond just helping to fight gum disease. In fact, these are side effects you actually want: whiter teeth, fresher breath and overall peace of mind that when you’re treating your oral health, you’re also helping the rest of your body.

With our Perio Trays (always look for the blue shields) you can let the bubbles do the work, and even as you’re trip-planning you can whiten your teeth to get them ready to shine on your excursion. The Trays are custom-molded to fit comfortably over your teeth and gums, delivering prescription medication deep below the gum line.

Perio Protect was devised as a way to treat gum infections comfortably and with results. It resolves infection while reducing gum disease-causing bacteria, making way for long-lasting results. By drastically reducing bacteria, Perio Protect also freshens your breath.

In addition, the same antimicrobials that treat gum disease also happen to deliver prescription-strength whitening benefits.

And since treatment is self-administered in the comfort of your own home, it won’t disrupt your schedule. Treat gum disease in just minutes a day, on the beach, poolside, or even on the plane. And while Perio Protect offers a non-invasive healthcare solution, the trays themselves are non-invasive too, arriving to you with a convenient travel case that fits right inside that new carry-on you’re dying to show off.

So this summer, take the vacation you deserve and relax your mind and body. Maybe that’s the only checklist you need.