It’s All About The Bubbles

Bacteria are survivors. They live in seemingly uninhabitable places, and they reproduce like jack rabbits. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say jack rabbits reproduce like bacteria.

They adapt to their surroundings as they morph, mutate and colonize.

Traditionally, bacteria that take up residence inside the mouth have been fought with antibiotics. But as we know, they can’t be completely exterminated. They’ll just come back stronger after adapting to the latest treatment.

All side effects aside, antibiotics are only as strong as their opponents are weak. They kill the weakest and the strongest mutate and survive. So, what can be done to improve oral health and rid the gums of harmful bacteria?

Enter hydrogen peroxide.

You may think of peroxide as a wound-cleaning agent used on small cuts. That’s because it is. And that’s also why it works on the microscopic lacerations associated with gum disease or periodontitis.

And when peroxide is applied at a small concentration using Perio Trays®, the bubbles (remember the bubbles?) go to work scrubbing the wounds and removing bacteria from their entrenched pockets.

This activity does two things. It removes bacteria. And it leaves behind an environment rich with oxygen for healing and healthy bacteria to inhabit.

The most damaging bacteria can’t thrive in oxygen, so they don’t have a chance to morph and colonize. In a sense, they’ve already been evicted. The prescription Perio Tray creates a localized oxygen-rich environment that stimulates the healing process. As the bad bacteria are ushered out by the bubbles, the good ones move in, and that leads to better health throughout the body.

And it’s all thanks to tiny, antimicrobial bubbles.

Hydrogen peroxide has a long and safe history in the world of dentistry. Used at 1.7% concentration with Perio Trays®, we’re able to harness the strength of peroxide and avoid the issues associated with antibiotics.

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