Non-Invasive Treatment for Healthier Gums

Revolutionizing how doctors treat periodontal disease, the Perio Protect Method targets bacteria at the source while delivering whiter teeth, fresher breath, and a healthier mouth

Some of my most challenging cases involve patients with active gum disease, especially those who—no matter how much we scale, root plane, or prescribe antibiotics—have consistent bleeding gums,” said Michelle Hucke, DDS, of Jax Beaches Family Dentistry in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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Sound familiar? It used to be that patients with gum disease faced a difficult and uncertain treatment path—one likely filled with root planing, scaling, and painful surgeries. That was then, but this is now. Today, Perio Protect can make severe gum disease and the unpleasant dental treatments that accompany it a thing of the past.

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At-Home Perio Treatment

Perio Protect is an at-home, non-invasive treatment system designed to attack the bacteria that cause gum disease. A patented, custom-fabricated Perio Tray delivers hydrogen peroxide deep into periodontal pockets where bacteria thrive—an area that traditional brushing, flossing, and rinsing cannot reach.

“What I hear most often from my Perio Protect patients is how great their gums feel, and how happy they are not to come as often for painful treatments,” added Dr. Hucke.

How It Works The only periodontal medicine delivery mechanism with FDA clearance, the customized Perio Tray uses a patented seal that holds the medication at the infection site, gently cleansing the periodontal pockets. Dentists provide each patient with an individual treatment plan—for example, some patients wear the trays for only a few minutes each day.

“I’ve found that as long as patients are compliant with their treatment plan, they essentially don’t have gum disease anymore,” shared Dr. Hucke. “It’s truly amazing to see how pink and healthy the gum tissues are after using Perio Protect.”

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Sought-After Side Effects

An added bonus is that since the hydrogen peroxide combats bacteria, it results in both fresher breath and whiter teeth.

“On a daily basis, it changes the environment in a patient’s mouth from having bad bacteria to having good bacteria, and since it oxygenates the mouth, it immediately improves any mouth odor issues,” explained Dr. Hucke.

Typical whitening treatments contain an average of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can cause gum sensitivity. Perio Protect contains 1.7% hydrogen peroxide, which results in a gentler, more gradual whitening without sensitivity issues.

“Because you’re doing it every day with a low level of peroxide, it’s not as harsh as a traditional whitening product,” added Dr. Hucke.

Patients are talking!

Having now treated several hundred patients with Perio Protect, Dr. Hucke believes word is spreading about this non-invasive treatment.

“There are few things in dentistry that excite patients enough that they actually share their experience with other patients—but this is definitely a topic they’re talking to each other about,” said Dr. Hucke.