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Periodontal Disease Symptoms

Gum Disease HelpPeriodontal disease can feel intimidating. The thought of having to go to the dentist more than twice a year makes many Americans cringe! The good news is that treatments have gotten so much better and easier with new technology. With the Perio Tray® from our team at Perio Protect, you’ll be able to manage your gum disease better than ever before!

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Reverse Periodontal Disease Without Surgery

Home Gum Disease Treatment When it comes to dental care, the term surgery is one that many would prefer to avoid. Our goal at Perio Protect is to stop periodontal or gum disease before it has progressed to the surgical stage. When surgery can’t be prevented, our goal is to minimize the need for it.

Perio Protect has a complementary solution that can help you manage your gum disease between dental visits in a comfortable manner. The Perio Tray® fits your mouth precisely to deliver medication deep below the gums so that the medication can fight bacterial infections that start the disease. Learn more to get control over this disease once and for all!

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Long Term Health Impact of Gum Disease

Are you one of the 47% of Americans who suffer from gum disease? If so, it may be tempting to think that the disease is no big deal. After all, it doesn’t hurt (yet), right? Unfortunately, f gum disease is left untreated, it can have serious, long term health consequences. In fact, research connects oral bacteria to some serious systemic diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, erectile dysfunction and even colorectal cancer. Oral bacteria can also contribute to low birth weight babies.

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Maintenance Therapy for Gum Disease

Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy visiting the dentist? Well, as you can imagine, you’re not the only one. However, if you are currently dealing with gum disease, avoiding the dentist is simply not an option. Chances are, you’ve been visiting the dentist more frequently than you'd like in order to maintain your periodontal health.

At Perio Protect, we believe that improving home care with the Perio Tray® can make your regular dental visits more productive and even enjoyable. Why? The Perio Tray comfortably delivers medication deep below your gums to fight infections. When you address the infections, the gum tissue heals. Continued use maintains long-term health and makes future appointments easier. Using the Perio Trays on a daily basis, for just 10-15 minutes, may even reduce the frequency with which you need to visit your dentist. .

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Non-Surgical Treatment For Gum Disease

Gum Disease Home TreatmentYour oral health is critically important to your everyday life. However, like many things in our day-to-day lives, we tend to only think about the health of our gums, teeth and mouth when we think that there might be a problem. Gum disease may not be symptomatic until it is significantly advanced and can impact your overall health. Common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums when brushing/flossing, receding gums, severe tartar or plaque build- up, spaces between teeth, bad breath, sensitive teeth and swollen, red, or tender gums. If you think that you might be one of the millions of Americans with gum disease (also called gingivitis or periodontitis),it's time to see your dentist. There is now a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment for gum disease that can ease the stubborn symptoms of gum disease without the sensitive or painful side effects of repetitive scaling or surgery.

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How to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum Disease PreventionMore than 47% of adults in America suffer from gum disease. If this is a statistic that you do not want to become a part of, it is important to properly manage your oral hygiene on a regular basis. Gum disease is one of those conditions that can quietly creep up on you without you ever realizing that it is there. Next thing you know, you have gum disease. The reason it is so hard to see in advance is because you do not feel pain from gum disease until it has progressed pretty far.. At Perio Protect®, we encourage you to take the necessary steps now to prevent gum disease from occurring in the future.

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