Pregnancy & Periodontal Disease

We’ve long known that oral health habits are passed down from generation to generation. But we’re only starting to see the impact of oral health on the next generation, even before birth.

Dr. Yiping Han of Columbia University explains the link between gum inflammation and complications during pregnancy.



Research has shown that pregnant women who have periodontal infections had more than 7 times the risk of preterm delivery of low-birth-weight infants than women without the infections.

The correlation can be followed through the bloodstream, from the mother’s oral cavity to the placenta. And as Dr. Han explains, bacteria from the infected gums of a mother have been found within the womb. Effects of gum disease on a growing fetus range depending upon the severity and timing of infection.

Periodontal disease in an expectant mother can even lead to miscarriage or stillbirth. And the cause can be as simple as gestational gingivitis—something that is easily overlooked, even by doctors.

The key to limiting the impact of gum disease on pregnancy lies in controlling inflammation. And the Perio Protect Method is designed to do exactly that. By creating a hyperbaric environment around the infection, we are able to reduce swelling and eliminate pathogens that might otherwise find their way to the fetus through the bloodstream.

For more information on how Perio Protect works to fight inflammation and restore gum health, click here.

Of course, maintaining strong oral health prior to becoming pregnant is the ultimate protection. And we encourage anyone who is either considering pregnancy or thinks they may possibly have signs of gum disease to talk to their dentist about the importance of gum health in relation to your overall health.

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Our mission is to put our patients in control of their oral health with a non-invasive homecare option. And we believe homecare is a huge advantage for mothers-to-be who aren’t necessarily looking for additional appointments to add to their calendars.