Smile, It’s National Dentists Day

It can be hard to tell your dentist how much you appreciate him or her, especially when your mouth is full of mirrors and those plastic gum stretcher things. But don’t worry, there’s more than one way to say thanks without having to spit out any instruments in the process.

With March 6th being National Dentists Day, here are a few starter ideas on how to say thanks:

  1. Improve your oral health regimen. By committing to brushing and flossing, you’ll make your dentist (and yourself) proud.
  • Raise oral-health awareness among others. Teach your children a tooth-brushing song to help them with their technique and coach them on the duration of time they should be brushing. Talk to your friends and relatives about visiting the dentist. A simple conversation or question could be just the reminder they need.
  • Schedule your next check-up. If you can’t remember the last time you saw the dentist, you’re probably due. You should see your dentist and hygienist at least every six months.
  • Give your dentist a shout-out on the socials. You’ve probably posted a meal or two from your favorite restaurant. Why not commend the work of your preferred DDS with a hashtag like #NationalDentistsDay or #NoCavities or #PearlyWhites or #FreeToothbrush? We could go on. Or you could post without any hashtag. Up to you. Just make sure your dentist takes the mask off before you snap your selfie.

At Perio Protect, we are proud to partner with dentists every day to help improve oral health. Prescribed by dentists and administered by patients, our comfortable, at-home care system delivers results you and your dentist can appreciate when it comes to treating gum disease.

Perio Trays help you go deeper.

Our patented Perio Trays® hold medication deep below the gums to clean where toothbrushes and floss can’t reach.

In the end, our hope is to make sure people understand that dentistry is an important component of not only your oral health but also your overall health. Dentists and hygienists are the frontline for your gum line, and they care about your wellbeing. And if you’re looking for one last way to celebrate, you could always share this article.